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Personalized Care

Assisted Living with a Personalized Care Approach

At Westwood Inn in Macomb, MI, we prioritize offering personalized care in our assisted living program. This method is pivotal in delivering an experience that is specifically attuned to the diverse and changing requirements of our residents. In this detailed examination, we will delve into how Westwood Inn applies individualized care strategies and the importance of these strategies in ensuring a secure, enduring living space for seniors.

Crafting Customized Care Plans

At Westwood Inn, the cornerstone of our approach involves creating and implementing care plans that are as unique as our residents. When a new resident joins our community, we initiate a detailed assessment process. This involves input from healthcare professionals, family members, and the residents themselves. The outcome is a comprehensive care plan that not only addresses medical necessities but also incorporates personal interests and social preferences. These plans are fluid, designed to evolve with each resident’s changing needs and circumstances.

Responsive Adaptation to Evolving Needs

We at Westwood Inn are deeply committed to adapting our care as our residents’ needs evolve. Through regular health evaluations, we ensure that changes in residents’ requirements are promptly and effectively addressed. This flexibility in care provision is vital, especially for residents who may experience an increase in care needs. Our professional team is adept at recognizing and adapting to these changes, ensuring continuity of care within our welcoming environment.

Holistic Support for a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Beyond meeting basic care needs, Westwood Inn extends comprehensive support that encompasses various dimensions of wellness. Our care plans integrate elements such as dietary management, engagement in enriching activities, and mental health support. Our goal is to sustain the physical well-being of our residents while also enriching their emotional and social lives.

Seamless Aging in Place: Ensuring Continuity

One of the most significant benefits of our personalized approach at Westwood Inn is the possibility for residents to age in place. We eliminate the uncertainty and discomfort associated with moving to new facilities due to changing care needs. Whether it’s providing increased assistance or specialized care, such as memory care, we ensure our residents can stay in the familiar, nurturing environment of Westwood Inn.


At Westwood Inn in Macomb, MI, our dedication lies in maintaining a commitment to personalized resident care. Our approach transcends the provision of immediate care needs; it involves a forward-thinking strategy to accommodate and adapt to future requirements. We focus on offering a secure, comfortable, and consistent living environment where our seniors can flourish without the concern of relocating due to evolving care needs. Our dedication to crafting and adjusting individualized care plans over time reflects our unwavering commitment to the well-being and contentment of our residents.

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