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Immune Boosters For Seniors

Immune Boosters for Seniors at Westwood Inn

As we age, maintaining a strong immune system becomes increasingly important. At Westwood Inn, our commitment to our residents’ health includes a focus on boosting their immune function to ensure they continue to live vibrant and healthy lives. Here are five essential strategies we implement for immune boosters for seniors.

Vital Nutrients for Immune Strength

A well-rounded diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals is key to supporting the immune system. Important nutrients include Vitamin C, which is critical for the development and repair of all bodily tissues; B-Vitamins, which play a significant role in energy production and cell health; Vitamin D, known for its immune-regulating properties; and Zinc, essential for immune cell function and cellular integrity. We encourage personalized nutritional plans, developed in consultation with healthcare professionals at Westwood Inn, to meet the unique dietary needs of each resident.

Exercise’s Impact on Immune Health

Physical activity is a proven immune booster, enhancing the body’s ability to respond to pathogens and reducing inflammation. Our residents enjoy access to a variety of physical activities tailored to their abilities and health conditions, including walking, gentle yoga, cycling, and water aerobics, all designed to promote a healthy immune system through regular, moderate exercise.

Hydration’s Role in Immunity

Adequate hydration is fundamental to bodily functions and immunity, aiding in lymphatic transport, digestion, oxygen delivery, and detoxification processes. At Westwood Inn, we emphasize the importance of regular fluid intake to support immune function and overall health, ensuring our residents understand the value of staying hydrated.

The Importance of Restful Sleep

Quality sleep is essential for immune efficacy, with restorative rest contributing to the body’s ability to fight infection. Adults are recommended to aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night to optimize immune function. We are attentive to our residents’ sleep habits and comfort, offering support and interventions as needed to ensure they achieve restful, health-promoting sleep.

Ongoing Healthcare Monitoring

Regular medical check-ups are vital for early detection and management of health issues, including those affecting immune function. Our residents benefit from consistent health evaluations and personalized care adjustments, ensuring they receive comprehensive support for their immune health.


At Westwood Inn, we prioritize these immune boosters for our seniors: tailored nutrition, regular physical activity, proper hydration, adequate sleep, and continuous healthcare oversight. Our holistic approach to wellness underscores our dedication to providing a nurturing environment where our residents can enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. It’s a reflection of our commitment to excellence in senior care and our promise to ensure every resident feels supported in maintaining their health and well-being.

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